Certified Vocational Coach Program

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Become a VOCATIONAL Coach

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Entry level Certification for those wanting to add coaching skills to their every day life, professional portfolio, or workplace. The Vocational Coach Program is Approved Coach Specific Training that includes the core competencies, mentor coaching and observed coaching needed to pursue the ACC credential via the ACSTH pathway. The added bonus being you get to focus on your niche, while at the same time learning coaching skills that apply to any coaching relationship.  Download Syllabus

Program Hours: 76 hrs
Learnsite Access: 12 months
Peer Coaching Hours: 12 hrs with 12 months access
Curriculum: Coaching Theory, Practicum Labs, Mentor Coaching, Observed Coaching
Certificate: Vocational Coach Training
ICF Pathway: ACC credential via the ACSTH pathway

Professional Overview

LEARNING AREA: Foundation Coach

You will learn the fundamentals of coaching, including the difference between coaching and other forms of “helping” such as consulting, mentoring, training, therapy etc. and how coaching can be blended with a range of existing professions and workplaces.


Learn the art of Re-framing a Perspective using the ICA Coaching Power Tools - a  set of concepts based on dualitie.  At any given time our perspective on a given situation or event is a choice. It may not be a conscious choice, but nonetheless it is a choice.

LEARNING AREA: Coach Skills 

The core skills you need to hit the ground running as a coach. The skills taught in this course will give you the confidence to coach anyone, anywhere, anytime


You will take on the role of coach, and observe the coaching and feedback of others.This is the perfect space for you to practice, make mistakes, and refine your coaching personality and expertise.

PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT: Develop Your Own Coaching Portfolio
This includes creating your unique Power Tool perspective change and a case study where you demonstrate the use of the ICF competencies.



ICA's training has been online, and accredited by the ICF, since 2001.  Our Learnsite has over 20 years of modules, curated resources and coaching conversations.  Before attending classes you will read a module or watch an instructional video.  Following classes you will reflect on your learning through coaching practicum, course outcomes, forum reflections and portfolio development.

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Certification and Credentials

The Vocational Program is an ICF accredited coach training program (ACSTH).

Graduates can either set up their own coaching practice, coach in organisations or blend coaching with their existing expertise.

We chose to align with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) because Coaching is a global profession and the ICF continues to be the most established and globally recognised peak body. Clients want to know they are employing someone who has been through a rigorous training and accreditation process.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation indicates that a school has had their program undergo rigorous external scrutiny and quality testing by a peak body.  The curriculum is mapped across core competencies, with the faculty, assessment and learning processes all assessed.  Program accreditations at International Coach Academy include ACTP and ACSTH.

What is Certification

In the case of coach training,  certification is a globally recognized statement of attainment that indicates you have been assessed by an Accredited Coach Training Provider as having the industry recognized skills and expertise required to practice as a coach.

What is a Credential?

With coaching, a credential designates a recognized level of expertise in coaching, as assessed by an industry peak body such as the ICF.  This is represented by designations such as ACC, PCC or MCC.

Download Program Syllabus

Download the Syllabus to compare program hours, inclusions, credential pathways and certification options.   All program are ICF Accredited, with the best program for you being the one that best matches your coaching goals, budget and timeframe for completion.