for ICA Students or Graduates


Certified Group Coach

CCE Credits

20 hours core competency
Unlimited Resource Development

Study Mode

6 Zoom sessions (12 hrs)
Self Study (8 hrs)

Pre Requisite

Currently enrolled in, or graduated from, ICA's Vocational or Professional program

Become a Group Coach

For ICA Students or Graduates wanting to expand their coaching expertise, and business offerings, but not needing the full Advanced Program.  Group Coaching Certification with 20 hrs Continuing Coach Education.

There are many reasons to become a Group Coach - to build your coaching practice, expand your networks, leverage time efficiency, and create additional revenue streams.   Your clients will be groups of people with a commonality (eg. all attended the same workshop) but will be focused on achieving their own goal or outcome. 

Starting 18th October (for 6 weeks)

US New York Eastern: Tuesdays @ 8am – 10am

Eastern Europe Time: Tuesdays @ 3pm – 5pm

Hong Kong: Tuesdays @ 8pm

Starting 8th November (for 6 weeks)

Australia Eastern Time: Tuesdays @ 7pm – 9pm

Eastern Europe Time: Tuesdays @ 9am – 10am

Hong Kong Time: Tuesdays @ 4pm – 6pm


$2,300 USD (single payment)
$2,555 USD (6 payments of $425 USD)

Participation and Inclusions

  • Theory and Labs (combined into 6 x 2 hour Zoom Sessions)
  • Portfolio work (with faculty feedback)
  • 6 months Learnsite Access

Theory &  Frameworks

Group coaching builds on your 1 to 1 coaching expertise (and model) but adds layers. It's an advanced coaching skill that enables you to increase your impact and return.  You will learn the latest concepts and theories surrounding the following:

  • Group and Team Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Models, Frameworks and Structures
  • Group Coaching and the FlipIt Process
  • Group Coaching Agreements
  • Client motivation and analysis and creating successful outcomes

Leader Labs

The Leader Labs are where you put the new skills you are learning into practice. They are a space for practice and experimentation and where you will observe and practice managing the needs of individuals within a group agenda and format.

Group Coaching Plan

Plan a Group Coaching workshop or program for your ideal client(s) using the ICA template as a guide, and drawing on the expertise and feedback from ICA's faculty. You may choose to use the FlipIt Framework, or you might choose to integrate your area of interest or expertise. The main consideration is that you plan something that will be of use to you with your market and your niche.  

Featuring FlipIt

As part of your ICA studies you will have discovered the power of reframing a perspective using the ICA Coaching Power Tools and the FlipIt 4 step process.  In the group coaching program we take this a step further and teach you how to use FlipIt in a group setting using the online flipit kit.

  • q-iconOne on One vs Group Coaching?

    With one on one coaching you have a single client.  With Group coaching, you are working with 2 or more people who might have a commonality (eg. attending a workshop) but they each have their own motivations, expectations and goals.  

  • q-iconGroup vs Team Coaching?

    Like group coaching, team coaching involves more than one person.  But, the group will share a direct commonality (eg. all work together) and are focused on achieving the same shared goal or outcome.

  • q-iconWhat are the applications for Group Coaching?

    Group coaching can be blended with other professions (consulting, training etc) and/or integrated into a range of group settings (classrooms, workshops, seminars etc).

  • q-iconHow many people make it a group?

    Groups can be anything from 2 – 200 people, with it depending on your skill, confidence and expertise.

  • q-iconDo I already need to be certified as a coach?

    This program requires that you are a certified coach, or working towards coach certification.  It assumes pre learning around the ICF competencies and an understanding of how coaching is different to coaching, mentoring or consulting.

  • q-iconHow is this program different to an Advanced Upgrade

    This program specifically prepares and certifies you for the role of group coach, including group coaching theory and practicum.  The Advanced program provides the same learning and certification, but also includes Coach Supervision and 12 months ongoing professional development post graduation.  An upgrade to advanced is only available via the Certified Professional program and is priced at $2555 USD.