Certified Coach Practitioner

ICF Accredited Coach Training (ACTP)

Become a CERTIFIED Coach Practitioner

Take your time (Up to 18 months) or Fast Track (6 months)

The Certified Program is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) for those wanting to become a Certified Coach, with the option to pursue ACC or PCC directly via ACTP pathway. Upon completion of this program you will be certified to deliver coaching as part of your private practice, in the corporate arena, or blended with your existing profession.   Download Syllabus

ACTP Program Hours: 125 hrs
Learnsite Access: 18 months
ICF Credential Pathway: ACC or PCC via the “ACTP track”.

Study from anywhere, anytime...

International Coach Academy has delivered ICF Accredited e-learning since 2001.  All learning materials are available via a password protected learnsite available only to ICA students. This houses your modules, resources, class schedules and community forum. Live classes and labs are then held via zoom.

This allows our training to be mobile. You can study from anywhere, at anytime. And, you are the one that decides how many classes you take each week. If you miss a class one week, it doesn't matter because you can just pick it up the week after. View Schedule

When you join ICA's training you join an ICF Accredited school with a 20 year reputation for excellence and a unique “no single model’ approach to coaching.  Read More

Our Point Of Difference...

We'll help you identify your ideal client, and then create a coaching model that represents your passion, beliefs, values and purpose.

One of the elements of our training that we are most proud of is that we teach our students to create their own coaching model.  Often a coaching school will teach or promote a coaching model that is  based on the personal philosophy, passion or coaching model of the founder. So if the founder was a NLP coach then it's most likely the coaching model they teach has a heavy NLP foundation.  But, at ICA we stay away from cookie cutter coaching models. Instead, as educators with expertise in adult learning principles, we teach the frameworks and theories that have influenced coaching such as cognitive behavioral therapy, appreciative inquiry, NLP, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. We look the background, how it intersects with coaching and how it can be blended with coaching

Certification and Credentials

The Certified Coach Program is an ICF accredited coach training program (ACTP) for coaches wanting to become an certified certified professional coach (CPC).

Graduates can either set up their own coaching practice, coach in organisations or blend coaching with their existing expertise.

We chose to align with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) because Coaching is a global profession and the ICF continues to be the most established and globally recognised peak body. Clients want to know they are employing someone who has been through a rigorous training and accreditation process.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation indicates that a school has had their program undergo rigorous external scrutiny and quality testing by a peak body.  The curriculum is mapped across core competencies, with the faculty, assessment and learning processes all assessed.  Program accreditations at International Coach Academy include ACTP and ACSTH.

What is Certification

In the case of coach training,  certification is a globally recognized statement of attainment that indicates you have been assessed by an Accredited Coach Training Provider as having the industry recognized skills and expertise required to practice as a coach.

What is a Credential?

With coaching, a credential designates a recognized level of expertise in coaching, as assessed by an industry peak body such as the ICF.  This is represented by designations such as ACC, PCC or MCC.

Program Delivery

Live Teleclasses via Video or Audio, Private Coaches Forum & Resource Rich Learnsite

All learning is delivered via a blend of LIVE teleclasses, forum discussion and self reflection with many opportunities to coach, and be coached.   It's up to you how many or few classes they take each week.  The schedules have been timed to allow for self paced study, where the study schedule fits with your lifestyle and not the other way around. The learning process is as follows

1. Download and read the course module
2. Dial into a teleclass (facilitated by an ICA Trainer)
3. Post reflections on the forum


Download the Syllabus to compare program hours, inclusions, credential pathways and certification options.   All program are ICF Accredited, with the best program for you being the one that best matches your coaching goals, budget and timeframe for completion.