1. Establish a goal that the client wants to achieve.
  2. Identify the highest priority belief that needs to be changed to successfully achieve your goal. Your highest priority beliefs can be identified by exploring your thoughts around your body, health, work, abilities, financial situations, limitations, and attitudes. Beliefs control your experiences from the inside. Your belief system determines your perceptions – what you see, what you can feel, even what you can imagine. Many of these beliefs are unconscious and were developed during your childhood. Some of the most common self-limiting beliefs that sabotage your dreams and desires are: “I am not good enough”, “What I have to say is not important”, and “Something is wrong with me”, “I don’t matter”, and “I am bad”.
  3. By identifying and clearing the negative beliefs held in your subconscious mind you will identify and clear the negative patterns and experiences you continue to recreate. Creating new beliefs in your subconscious makes it easy to establish new healthy patterns in your current  experience. You stop creating what you don’t want and get good at creating what you do want, which makes life sweet! Inside the subconscious realm is where the change takes place through an interactive and guided imagery session.
  4. Action – helping the client to choose a way forward and lean in the direction of their goal by exploring all possibilities available. From these possibilities small action step(s) are determined that the client will now take. Clear steps will be established for the client and a time line for  when they will be complete.
  5. Reflect upon and review the action(s) taken against the new beliefs created in the previous coaching session. This can be explored by asking questions such as:

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