Your Coach Discovery Pack

Your Discovery Pack includes a range of tools  and resources designed specifically to help you work out what you want from coaching and the best way to get it. We created these in response to the most commonly asked questions from prospective students considering Coach Training or wanting to Become a Professional Coach.

Day in the Life of ICA Coach Misti Patrella

“I really did not like the idea of choosing one career. That seemed so limiting. All of these careers work together so that I provide the most dynamic solutions for my clients and fellow artists and entrepreneurs – and still be an artist myself!”

Misti blends coaching and acting experience to provide business and life coaching for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

(0:30) From marketing and acting to business/life coach
(0:33) Coached herself as an actor and then said why not coach others?
(0:53) Rearranged her life to be a coach
(0:58) Went through ICA program in 6 months
(1:30) Coaching helped acting and vice versa
(3:32) Her niche “within a niche” is working with ‘heart-centered” people
(4:06) All coaching involves life coaching if your work is your passion
(4:12) You have to put your whole self in like the Hokey Pokey