Coach Discovery Pack

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  • Get Clear on Certification (Download Whitepaper)

    Coaching Certification and Accreditation can be a complex area, and many new coaches find it hard to navigate the various coaching “associations”  This Whitepaper will lay it all out clearly, using plain English, to help you work out the best option for you.

    1. Download Certification Whitepaper
    2. Email Your Certification Questions

  • Get a Coach Development Plan (Download Worksheet with Live Call)

    Just in the same way that not everyone is cut out to be a coach, not everyone is motivated enough to take on a 120 hour accredited coach training program. Take this assessment to work out which program suits your life stage.

    1. Download Worksheet (and attend Learning Lab – optional)

  • Find the Best Progam for You (Take the Quiz)

    Not sure which program is best for your budget, learning style, time availability and certification needs? Find the best program for you with our quick program quiz.

    1. Take the Quiz

Apply for a Tuition Saving

Do you know for sure that you want to become a coach, and that ICA is the right school for you?  If so, we invite you to apply for an Ambassador Tuition Saving.  In return, we ask that you contribute back to ICA, with a range of opportunities available.  This is by application only.