ICF Accredited Coach Training

When You Join Our Training, You Join a Global Community of Coaches

Internationally Recognised Training

All our coach training programs are accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Coaching is a global profession and the ICF continues to be the most established and globally recognised peak body. Not only do they provide high standards and competencies for coaching and coach training, clients also want to know they are employing someone who has been through a rigorous training and accreditation process.

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    教练是一门全球性的职业,我们的培训与ICF的要求同步。 时至今日,ICF仍旧是最成熟,被全球公认的教练行业最高机构。客户们都希望他们聘请到的教练经过了严格的培训和认证的过程。正因为教练技术是国际通用的,我们已经在全球90多个国家进行了教练认证培训。

    当您完成下列课程,毕业级获得认证专业教练(CPC)头衔。这意味着您已经通过称为专业执业教练所需技能和专长的评估。 至于是否取得ICF的认证,这取决于您自己。完成下列ICA培训学习之后,您可以决定以何种通道获得ICF认证。

    推荐ICA培训课程: 职业教练培训课程 (ACSTH), 认证教练培训课程(ACTP), 高级教练培训课程 (ACTP)

    点击听Viya Chen 亚太策略总监为你讲解ICF认证课程以及教练认证

Study in English, Chinese or Both

An International and Bilingual Coach Training Faculty

ICA Trainers are all Certified Professional Coaches with years of experience across a range of coaching applications.  They are also experienced Learning Leaders, dedicated to creating a safe and trusted learning space where students can openly share their thoughts, wins, challenges and questions.

Felicia Lau International Coach Academy Chinese Coach Trainer

Felicia Lauw PCC
Training Director (Chinese Program)

Viya Chen International Coach Academy Coach

Viya Chen, PCC
Chief Strategy Officer ASIA

PoYee Poon Dorrian

PoYee Poon Dorrian, MCC
Columbus,Ohio, USA

Kelly Ke International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Kelly Ke, PCC

Wisdom Cheng International Coach Academy Coach Trainer
Taipei, TAIWAN
Rachel Zhao International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Rachel Zhao, PCC
Beijing, CHINA

Dana Liu International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Tony Wang 王征, PCC
Shanghai, CHINA

Jenny International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Jenny Zhang, PCC
Shenzen, CHINA

Effie Pan International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Effie Pan, PCC
Kaohsiung, TAIWAN

Chinese Coach Trainer Qi Chen

Qi Chen, PCC 
Shanghai, CHINA

Veronica Lu

Veronica Lu , PCC
Shanghai, CHINA

Dana Liu International Coach Academy Coach Trainer

Dana Liu 刘东, PCC
Nanjing, CHINA

The first time I came back to class after one year absent, I almost quit because of the significant changes on my work and life after we moved from China to Australia.  However, I made decision to come back and it was definitely the right decision.

林晓 Xiao Lin, Business Coach, AUSTRALIA