Certified Coach Skills (Career Coaching) Program

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2 Certifications in One Program

This unique program will be delivered via online learning with International Coach Academy (ICA) and Face to Face Training in Singapore with The Centre for Career Excellence (CCE)

In this Certified Coach Skills Program, we will be covering the essential aspects of Coaching, with a focus on Career Coaching. You will learn the difference between coaching as compared to other approaches such as consulting, mentoring, training, therapy etc and you will learn a unique set of tools, techniques, skills and competencies that can be used in a coaching context to support your clients achieve desired results. Upon successful completion of your studies, you will receive 2 Certifications

  • Career Coaching Certification

    45 hours of career coach training as certified by The Centre for Career Excellence (CCE). You will build personal and professional relationships while expanding your Career Strategist expertise and knowledge.

  • Certified Coach Skills (Career Coaching)

    This certification will showcase your completion of 18 Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), as accredited by the International Coach Federation. This study directly pathways into International Coach Academy’s (ICA) Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTP), and is the first step towards an ICF credential such as ACC or PCC.

Program Features

  • 18 hrs Core Competency Training (ACSTH)
  • 12 hrs Career Coach Training
  • 6 hrs Peer Coaching as a Coach
  • 6 hrs Peer Coaching as a Client
  • 2 hr Coaching Practicum
  • 1 hr Assessment (Online / Practicum Submission)
  • 3 months membership to ICA's Private Coaches Forum

ICA Training Director, Merci Miglino (PCC) introduces the key concepts covered in the first training module 'What is Coaching?'

For Aspiring Professionals and Corporate Leaders Wanting to Stand Out From The Crowd.

Accredited Coach Specific Training Hour (ACSTH)

Clients want to know they are not just employing someone calling themselves a coach, but that they are in fact employing someone who has been through a rigorous training and accreditation process.

- , Robyn Logan, CEO and Founder

International Coach Academy

The International Coach Federation's (ICF) missions is to advance  the coaching profession by setting coaching standards, providing independent certification for coaches and accrediting coach training programs world wide.  At International Coach Academy we .chose to align with the ICF over country specific bodies because Coaching is a global profession and the ICF continues to be the most established and globally recognized peak body.

Accredited Coach Specific Training is beginning or intermediate coach-specific training where coaches acquire practical and theoretical knowledge via accredited training that is aligned with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. It communicates a coaching code of conduct and a platform for a globally recognised accountability and standards. Students who complete ACSTH training can pathway on towards an ICF Credential with further study, such as the ACSTH and ACTP programs offered by International Coach Academy. The Vocational, Certified or Advanced Prrograms being the next study pathway.

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Network with a Global Coaching Community

When you join International Coach Academy you are joining over 4,000 coaches in 90 different countries. We find that our coaches are world travelers, living and working in other countries to the one they were born in.  They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have amazing life experiences and networks.  One of the things our coaches tell us again and again is what a wonderful network ICA has and how many strong friendships they have formed over their months of coach training.  Our coaching community really does set up apart from the rest.

Join ICA's Peer Coaching Program

There are two components to the Peer Coaching Course; coaching and being coached. In many ways this is one of the most powerful parts of the program. It is the place where theory meets practice, where you can implement and apply the many skills and tools you will learn.As a coach you will have the opportunity to practice the many coaching skills you learn in the program.  Then, with the feedback you receive from your client together with our own reflection you have the ability to enter a cycle of continuous improvement.

Flick Through Our Graduate Yearbook...

Upon completion of the Certified Coach Skills (Career Coach) training you will have the opportunity to be featured in International Coach Academy's Yearbook. This is a global publication that showcases your expertise, niche, and unique coach identity to the world.