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Merci Miglino

ICA School of Mentor Coaching

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our School of Mentoring. We have delivered coach training for the last 15 years to students in over 90 countries, so we know what quality coaching looks like. And we know what it takes to reach the level of coaching required to create real change in the world.

Our Mentor Coaching school has been established to train and mentor experienced, qualified coaches to help them reach new levels of quality.

If you are an experienced coach I really hope you can join us to see what you are really capable of.

Merci Miglino

Meet Some of Our Amazing Mentor Coaches

Meet ICA Coach Maria Paredes (Spain)

Visit Maria's Website

Maria joined our coach training in 2014 and has now set up her coaching website and connected it to social media.  It's the perfect example of how you can get up and running, with paying clients, while you are still studying or building your business.