Business Express - for ICA Student and Graduate Coaches

Be 'Business Ready' by the time you graduate

In this short course we teach you how to define your niche, create a profitable business model, and position yourself in a crowded market place.  There's a heavy focus on the 'how to' of business, so how to create your signature offer, how to set up a website, how to  connect with social media and how to generate leads and clients.

Merci Miglino Talks About What Happens in bLabs

Program Summary

Your Course Includes

  • 12 Step by Step Video Modules
  • Weekly bLab Accountability Teleclasses (join as many or as few as you need)
  • Weekly class recap with the key 'how to' tips
  • Members only forum for resource sharing and brainstorming
  • 5 page website built for you (in done for you option only)


1. Instructional Modules (via Video)

Each module has been created by Robyn Logan (ICA CEO) and Cloe Blanchet (ICA Content Marketing) and is in the form of a short video.  Each module will teach you something you can take away immediately and integrate with your profession

2. Weekly Accountability Calls

Your bLabs are weekly accountability and support calls where you can share challenges, goals and ask questions.  There's the opportunity to plan and strategise as well as dig down into the nitty gritty how to questions

3.'How To' Audio Tips

Each week we will pick one tip discussed in our bLabs, audio a recap, and then share it with all members.

4. Members only Forum

As an extension of your bLabs, the forum is the place you can share ideas for feedback, develop concepts and ask questions.

5. We Build Your Website (in Done For You option only)

In our regular Business Express we'll support you to build your website.  Guiding you on the content you need, how to get your domain, how to develop your content and most importantly, connecting your website with your potential buyers.

In our Done for You (DFY) option, we will take it a step further by building your website for you.  It's a 5 page website with lead generation forms.

Business Express + Coach Training Package

Business Express is designed to run alongside your coach training.  So, with your 6 months Business Express access, we also EXTEND your coach training program access by 6 months at no additional fee. That way, you can take your time.

Instructional Video Modules

  • Define Your Specialist Niche

    Many coaches struggle with defining their niche for fear it will narrow down their market. In fact the opposite is true. In this module we demonstrate the value of a niche and show you an easy process you can use to design yours.

  • Set Up Your Social Media

    It is not the case that you have to be everywhere. You only need to be active in the social media sites your target market visits. So once you have worked that out we will show you how to set up a powerful social media site and attract engaged, interested leads.

  • Create Your Website

    Contrary to what most people think, the technology is the easy part when it comes to building a website. The hard part is making sure you know exactly who your market is, what problem they have and how you plan to solve it. We will help you build a great website that then showcases your brilliance.

  • Content Marketing Plan

    People know when they are being sold to these days so traditional advertising is losing it’s appeal. Instead clients are looking for coaches they can connect to, they can trust. Creating content that is relevant to your market is a great way to start the relationship between you and your client.

  • Brand YOU!

    Your brand is very important, it is not something you want to let grow organically for too long. WE will show you how to build a strong brand in a competitive marketplace using expert blogging, public speaking and podcasting.

  • Outsourcing & Online Tools

    We have over 10 years experience working in an online business environment. The range and power of the apps and programs available today is mind blowing, particularly when many of them come in very reasonably priced. Find out which sites have the highest quality and the lowest cost.

  • Choose Your Business Model

    Your business name, business cards and web address can wait. First you need to work out exactly HOW you are going to generate revenue. What will you sell, who will you sell it to and which business model will you use to sell it.

  • Set Up a Lead Capture System

    If you take action on all the strategies we suggest in this course you will have more leads than your email inbox to handle. It will be time to start talking databases, online forms, mailing lists etc. But don’t stress, the same team that manage this for ICA will give you first hand support and knowledge for your set up.

  • Powerful Video Marketing

    With more and more people searching for products and services online before they go anywhere else, video has risen in importance. The ability to connect directly with your audience will put you ahead of the competition and create a connection with you and your potential clients.

  • Design a Signature Program

    There are a lot of people out there who would benefit from what you have to offer, it’s just that they don’t call it “coaching” Designing a training or mentoring program is a great way to enter the market without using the word coaching. It is also an excellent way to leverage your skills for more revenue.

  • Client Starter Pack

    Client Starter Packs come in all shapes and sizes. Not only will we share our Client Starter Pack, we will give you access to our global forum where many of our students post their packs. Learn what makes a powerful sales closer rather than a pretty brochure.

  • Sales Success Strategies

    Do you freeze when you realise you are about to have to “sell” your coaching. We can help you get rid of that mindset for ever. And then replace it with a sales-embracing mindset.