Business Express

A Starter Kit for Your Coaching Practice

Business Express Overview

Course: Business Express for Coaches
Delivery: Module Downloads, Video Tutorials, Forum Participation
12 hours self study
Tuition: $175 USD
Certification: ICA Certification

Business Express is a series of module downloads and video tutorials designed to get you started with your Coaching Business.  This short course is included in our Advanced Coach Training Program but also available here as a stand alone learning option, or an add on for any of our coach training programs.

These aim of the course is to step you through the considerations and decisions you need to make when setting up your coaching practice.  Specifically, how to set up your business to attract traffic, leads and paying clients.

ICF Recognised Continuing Coach Units (CCE)

Coaches wanting to renew their ACC or PCC credential are required to participate in Continuing Coach Education Credits (CCE's).  Business express meets the criteria for 12 hours of Resource Development.


  • Choose Your Business Model

    Your business name, business cards and web address can wait. First you need to work out exactly HOW you are going to generate revenue. What will you sell, who will you sell it to and which business model will you use?

  • Brand YOU

    Your brand is very important, it is not something you want to let grow organically for too long. WE will show you how to build a strong brand in a competitive marketplace using expert blogging, public speaking and podcasting.

  • Social Media Profile

    It is not the case that you have to be everywhere. You only need to be active in the social media sites your target market visits. So once you have worked that out we will show you how to set up a powerful social media site and attract engaged, interested leads.

  • Outsourcing and Online Tools

    The range and power of the apps and programs available today is mind blowing, particularly when many of them come in very reasonably priced. We select the best for coaches in this module

  • The Power of Video

    Video gives you the ability to connect directly with your audience and will put you ahead of the competition. This modules shows you how to get started with video easily and cheaply

  • Creating an Online Identity

    Technology is the easy part when it comes to building a website or creating an online identity (eg Linked In or Facebook). The hard part is making sure you know exactly who your market is, what problem they have and how you plan to solve it

  • Coach Starter Pack

    This module will get you up and running as a coach in no time. It covers all the essentials like – business cards, online signature, client starter pack and much more.

Contrary to what most people think, the technology is the easy part when it comes to setting up your business. Once you know who you will be as a coach, the rest is easy. In Business Express, we will explore how best to maximise your potential as a coach, and then help you with the process of setting up your business.

Robyn Logan, CEO and Founder