Business Building For Coaches

In this short course we teach you how to define your niche, create a profitable business model, and position yourself in a crowded market place.  There's a heavy focus on the 'how to' of business, so how to create your signature offer, how to set up a website, how to  connect with social media and how to generate leads and clients.

  • Identify a Coaching Niche & Business Model that Works For YOU

    We teach you how to define your niche, how to choose a profitable business model and how to position yourself in a crowded marketplace.

  • Get The Right Traffic and Convert it Into Leads

    Building a website is not enough, you need to make sure your ideal client sees it, and then takes action when they get there. We will share our proven system for traffic & lead generation.

  • Discover a No Stress Way to Convert Leads into Paying Clients

    You won’t have to be a cheesy salesperson to get clients. We will share our sales success strategies to make your your practice is always full.

  • Create a Website & Set Up on Social Media (Done For You Option Only)

    We will show you the right order to do these things in and give you simple templates and processes that take the headache out of the technology.

Meet ICA Coach Maria Paredes (Spain)

Visit Maria's Website

Maria joined ICA's coach training in 2014 and with the help of ICA, has set up her coaching website and connected it to social media.  It's the perfect example of how you can get up and running, with paying clients, while you are still studying or building your business.

Business Express Inclusions

Your Course Includes


1. Instructional Modules (via Video)

Each module has been created by Robyn Logan (ICA CEO) and Cloe Blanchet (ICA Content Marketing) and is in the form of a short video.  Each module will teach you something you can take away immediately and integrate with your profession

2. Weekly Accountability Calls

Your bLabs are weekly accountability and support calls where you can share challenges, goals and ask questions.  There's the opportunity to plan and strategise as well as dig down into the nitty gritty how to questions

3.'How To' Audio Tips

Each week we will pick one tip discussed in our bLabs, audio a recap, and then share it with all members.

4. Members only Forum

As an extension of your bLabs, the forum is the place you can share ideas for feedback, develop concepts and ask questions.

5. We Build Your Website (in Done For You option only)

In our regular Business Express we'll support you to build your website.  Guiding you on the content you need, how to get your domain, how to develop your content and most importantly, connecting your website with your potential buyers.

In our Done for You (DFY) option, we will take it a step further by building your website for you.  It's a 5 page weebly website with lead generation forms. Students purchase the domain name and hosting package.