Coaching 101

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With instant access to our Coaching Presence Course Area you can get some quick coaching skills or take the opportunity to explore our online learnsite to find out what it's really like to be a student at ICA.

Coaching 101 - A Great Place to Start...

Your 7 day Coaching101 pass gets you immediate access to our 'Coaching Presence' course area.  This ACSTH training includes Downloadable modules, live classes, video tutorials and our interactive Private Coaches Forum.  You also have direct access to our faculty, students, graduates and amazing support team.  It's one of the the best ways to know if ICA is for you.

Course Area and Modules

Your Coaching Presence defines who you are as a Coach. In this course area we look at how you create your unique identity and what coaching means to you. Many of the skills you will learn are actually life skills and can be applied to any situation. For example, let’s take Creating Awareness. This is a core skill for coaches. You need to be able to support your clients to create awareness and help them to identify what is actually going on for them under the surface of their ‘story’. But this skill, self-awareness, is also extremely useful in many aspects of life (with your children, in your relationship/s, in the workplace, etc.). The skills found in Coaching 101 might even end up being skills you actually “teach” your clients.

  • Values and Life Purpose
  • Creating Awareness
  • Underlying Beliefs
  • Confidence
  • Self Management
  • Releasing Judgement
  • Effective Feedback

As a New Student to ICA You Are 'Never Alone'...