Last year we trained coaches in countries all over the world, in multiple languages and from a diverse range of backgrounds, industries and professions. It really is true - COACHING IS EVERYWHERE!


Robyn Logan, CEO

Most people in the Southern Hemisphere are heading back to work this week, and rolling their sleeves up for whatever it is that 2019 will bring.

On the one hand last year feels like it flashed past at ICA, and yet when we started digging in to all our achievements, we realise how substantial it was.

Everything grew in 2018; our students came from even more diverse countries and backgrounds and we added even more team members to our existing 40 plus staffing body around the world.

We made significant curriculum changes, brought on more staff from more countries and even set up a physical office for the first time in 18 years.

As we now roll our own sleeves up at ICA, we have pulled together some of the events and changes of 2018, hope you enjoy them, and we wish you all success and coaching happiness in 2019!



How Coaching Changed My Life


The benefit of hosting our curriculum in the cloud (as opposed to big printed binders) is that we can update and review easily in response to industry trends, including ICF Policy. And, our connected community of coaches in over 92 countries means there's abundant opportunities for our coaches to develop both global and local networks and friendships.

New Specialities: Increased Opportunities for Niching

This year’s Graduate Yearbook shows once again the diversity and creativity our coaches show when they develop their niches. This is partly to do with a growth in niches in general, but we mostly contribute it to the fact that at ICA we teach our coaches to develop THEIR OWN coaching model. This is not an easy process for many of our coaches as it requires them to dig deep into who they are as a coach and who their perfect client is. The result once achieved though, is priceless. Our coaches graduate with a fully formed coaching model and process, packaged into an easily communicated acronym or image. Download Book

New Course: Coach Discovery

In 2018 it became really clear for us that our unique contribution to coaching, and the thing that sets us apart from other schools is the way we train and develop our students to develop their own coaching model. Read More

New Resources: PCC Markers

The PCC Markers have gained a lot of attention over the last 12 months, and once again we responded by developing a series of video resources that break down each marker and show what would need to occur in the coaching for the marker to be met. These are available to our students via their Learnsite.

New Learning Tools: Stop the Clock Labs

Our students often express a desire to see “Coaching in Action” so this year we put some resources towards developing a series of Live Coaching Demos, hosted by our Training Director Merci Miglino, MCC. Merci observes a coaching session then “stops the clock” to point out when ICF competencies are demonstrated. Read More

New Focus: The Coaching Agreement

The ICF have placed a heavier weight on the importance of the Coaching Agreement over the last few years, and so have we. In 2018 we created an entire new module, developed resources, provided professional development to our trainers and embedded the Coaching Agreement thoroughly across our programs. This is available to students via their Learnsite. Read More

New Technology: Introducing a F2F element with Zoom

ICA has been a global, online training academy since day one, back in a time when e-learning was still relatively new and only just being taken up by universities and colleges around the world. We were ‘ahead of the curve’. Online learning has since became more widely accepted, and no longer something to be feared or avoided. People both old and young are adopting and adapting with much more ease.

By switching from a regular bridge line to 'zoom' we have been able to introduce a video component to our e-learning so our community can now put a name to a voice. Students dial into class using a phone line, skype, or video
Read More

New Networks: Book Club

In November we launched our Paperback Coaches bookclub. The group meets live each month to share their insights and dig deeper into the book chosen for that month. Join Paperback Coaches Bookclub

New Friendships: Face to Face Meet Ups

One of the great things about ICA is our diverse and connected community. They meet regularly via our online classrooms and forum. But, they also meet F2F around the world and in 2018 our community connected in Beijing, Shanghai, Canada, US, Italy, Greece and Australia. Sometimes the meet up is just a cup of coffee and a chat, and other times it's a dinner with a guest speaker. These are community initiated events.

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