Welcome to the Coaching Power Tools Program

9 Powerful tools for moving your clients through blockages. Get better results and higher levels of success  for you and your clients

Powerful Coaching Tools to Help You Get Better Results for Your Clients

  • Commitment vs Trying

    Many times a client’s inability to reach a certain goal is due to the fact that it is the wrong goal! Help your clients work out what they are really committed to and help them to stop “trying”

  • Responsibility vs Blame

    How many people do you know playing the “blame game” This tool helps clients take full responsibility for their lives and make real change

  • Trust vs Doubt

    Learn to plan, structure and deliver a short course or seminar. You will practice on real students from the broader ICA community.

  • Action vs Delay

    One of your key jobs as a coach is to keep your clients in action. But it is not always that easy. This tool is all about eliminating delay.

  • Respect vs Invalidation

    It is surprising how much difference a little respect can have. Try this Power Tool out yourself in your own life to see the amazing effects it can have

  • Lightness vs Significance

    Sometimes there is just way too much significance going on for our clients. This Power Tool really breaks through that and allows a different perspective to prevail.

  • Truth vs Fraud

    Helping your clients uncover the truth and look at what is really going on is a challenging and transformational exercise. This tool helps you do just that.

  • Responding vs Reacting

    Reaction is knee jerk and unconscious wheras responding is measured and calm. Youo can teach your clients a new way of being and change their relationships for ever.