Our Story

Where We Began...

International Coach Academy (ICA) was created in the year 2000 with a vision to create a vibrant global community of coaches, and today is one of the worlds leading coach training schools.  We started with a pilot group of 20 students. Today we have trained over 4500 coaches from 92 countries around the world.

Meet Robyn Logan (CEO and Founder)

In 2000 I was running an educational consultancy and training firm, where I went in to large companies and helped them sort out the 'people side' of their business. After each program I would conduct an evaluation to see the results. Interestingly enough not much had changed. People very quickly fell into old patterns and ways of doing things.

Too often I would see organisations implementing a 'band aid' approach to change.  Coaching on the other hand offered a deeper process of learning and self discovery, which resulted in a positive, sustainable and accountable difference in peoples lives and work.

Why Coaching?

So I introduced what I called at that time, "Authentic Learning", and later discovered to be coaching. I assigned each participant a "trainer" to meet with them for an hour a week and support them to achieve whatever goals they had.  The results were amazing.  Wanting to learn more, I then employed a great personal coach, and after 3 sessions knew that this was a fantastic method of bringing about deep sustainable change.  Coaching then became a huge part of my life, and changed the way I worked and lived.

Why Coach Training?

At around the same time as my "coach awakening" I was working with universities and other training institutions to help them move current f2f courses online. I had just finished my Masters in Education, specializing in Online Learning and was having a great time exploring the amazing potential the web offered training. It seemed a natural progression to share my new found love of coaching with the world via online training. International Coach Academy, a coach training school where anyone from anywhere in the world could train to become a coach was born.  CoachCampus, a community where coaches could network and connect started not long after.

ICA Today...

Fast forward to today and ICA is a thriving and diverse community of over 4500 coaches in 92 different countries around the world.   And, one of the things that we're most proud of is the ICA Integrated Coaching Model.  We have deliberately stayed away from cookie cutter models (Eg. GROW model) and instead, we ask our students who they want to be as a coach.  Their coaching model recognises who they want to be as a coach, considers their diverse and unique backgrounds, and showcases their coaching uniqueness to future clients.

ICA Coaches Share Their Memorable Moments

Jimena Duran, Life Coach (US) Jimena Duran, Life Coach (US)

It's been a revealing journey at all levels! Every single teacher brought a different kind of light to my training, and I met wonderful people along the way. If I had to choose one word to describe this journey would be 'supportive' - Teachers and colleagues provided me the best experience ever.
Read Jimena's 'Reset' Coaching Model

Arora Siddarth, Sales Coach (India) Arora Siddarth, Sales Coach (India)

There have been several memorable moments but the most memorable was my first session where I received a very warm welcome and a great dose of encouragement from my mentor coach. The entire class cheering for me was very heartening! Some of my relationships with fellow coaches continue till date!
Read Arora's 'ASPIRE' Coaching Model

Julien Lefort Julien Lefort, Business Coach (Romania)

My most memorable moment of training with ICA is logging into the learning platform at the very beginning, attending a class and realising the multiculturalism and possibility for learning that was around me.
Read Julian's 'The Diamond' Coaching Model

Rula Samur, Business Coach (Kuwait) Rula Samur, Business Coach (Kuwait)

Being a student with ICA was a great journey. It is not just the knowledge, the skills and the exposure that were great, but it was getting to know more about myself as a person. Interacting with students from different cultures enriched my journey. Being a Coach is a journey and, graduation, is just the first step in this journey.
Read Rula's 'V.I.S.I.O.N.A' Coaching Model

Ines Paler, Life Coach (Switzerland) Ines Paler, Life Coach (Switzerland)

A great moment was when I heard someone coaching with a totally different style from mine and think "wow, that was great". And then have that moment again and again. It made it crystal clear it´s all about being genuine when coaching others.
Read Ine's 'The Penta i' Coaching Model

Sarah Creek, Spiritual Coach (Canada) Sarah Creek, Spiritual Coach (Canada)

Observed coaching was the best way to end this training! I learned to be "me" while operating in the role of the professional coach!
Read Sarah's 'Simplicity in Action Coaching Model'

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