As an ICA Student...

you join teleclasses with coaches from all over the world

How Do Teleclasses Fit With Online Learning?

At ICA the term 'ONLINE LEARNING' refers to a combination of Live Teleclasses, Video Tutorials, Downloadable Modules, Peer Coaching and a Private Coaches Forum.  These are all hosted in our 'online learning centre'. It's up to you how many classes you take each week and how fast (or slow) you move through the program.  The key benefit of this style of training being FLEXIBILITY.

Core Coaching Competency Class: Each coaching competency module has a pdf download and video tutorial that covers the key concepts of that module and how it can be applied to a coaching relationship or everyday life.  Students then dial into a live class via a bridge line (like a conference call).   This class is facilitated by an expert trainer who guides students through a deeper understanding of the module concept, and then opens up the call for discussion and questions. These are quite structured in that they continue on from the learning introduced in the module pdf and video tutorial.

Coach Development Class: These are driven by coaching role plays where students act as either a coach or a client, and then receive feedback from an experienced mentor coach

Wathenia Gabbard<br/>Relationship Coach, UNITED STATES

When I took my first teleclass, I was so nervous, anxious and scared but once I did it I was hooked.

Wathenia Gabbard
Relationship Coach, UNITED STATES

Over 30 Classes Per Week

At International Coach Academy we have students studying to become a coach from all over the world as well as global trainers so our Teleclass Schedule mirrors the needs of our students.  We have over 30 classes per week with modules rotating through a class time.  This means you can choose a class times that suits your lifestyle and take each modules as it cycles through that time. Because classes do not need to be taken in any particular order, if you miss a class, you can take it at a later stage.

Do classes need to be taken in a particular order?

The coach training programs are divided into courses and each course contains modules and teleclasses associated with the modules.  Courses and modules can be taken in any order. We recommend starting with Foundation Coach Course but with the flexible schedule you can start wherever you like.

What if I miss a class?

If you are unable to attend a class / a particular module, simply wait until that modules comes around again in your same class time or choose a different class time where that module is offered. You have between 6 months and 18 months to complete the program depending on which program you choose and this is ample time to complete all modules.

What if I can't complete the classes within the time frame?

We understand that things come up in life which take the focus away from Coach Training such as the birth of children, moving, work challenges, illness and other family commitments. This is why we offer the option to extend your training on a month by month basis for $85 USD per month for as long as you need to complete your training.

What Happens in a Teleclass?

We Welcome All Students

The first 5 minutes of every class is spent connecting with students. Our students dial in from countries all over the world so this is often a very interesting process. Some students call in early, some on time and some a few minutes late.

Coaching Skills Presentation

Each teleclass is connected to a PDF module in the ICA Learnsite. The trainer will incorporate a presentation of the topic in every class. This will not be a repeat of existing material, but rather an interpretation of the concepts and skills presented in the module.

In this class Rob uses an analogy to explain the difference between coaching, consulting and therapy.

Discover, Don't Tell

The ICA program is taught using a discovery approach. The trainer will help the students discover new material for themselves. This does not mean our trainers never "teach", they just don't "lecture" In this clip a student comments on this style of teaching

Coaching Tip

All our Trainers are practicing coaches, so they come to the classes with real life examples. Things that have worked well with clients and things that have not worked so well.

In this clip Rob talks about the day he decided to let go of his pen and paper with its list of prepared coaching questions, and just trust his instinct to ask the right question at the right time.

Niche Specific Mentoring

We are well known worldwide for the diversity in our Faculty. And this diversity is not just language and cultural, we also have a diverse number of coaching niches represented in our Trainers.  In this audio clip Rob Stringer gives students a tip from his professional expertise as a Youth and Family Coach.

Resource Sharing

All our trainers are professional coaches with years of hands on experience. They also come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries, with many having run their own coaching practice. The resources they share are valuable and practical and provide a further link between theory and practice.

Student Sharing

We actively encourage student to share their personal coaching experiences - why they came to coaching, how they plan to use coaching, challenges and wins. In this clip one of our students shares how she plans to use coaching in her job as a Careers Counsellor at an American College.

Abigail Wallin<br/>Life Coach, UNITED STATES

The best memories at ICA are the teleclasses. They are full of wonderful conversation and serve as an interactive learning experience.

Abigail Wallin

About Voice To Voice Training

Since its inception, International Coach Academy (ICA) has embraced distance and e-learning principles in delivering their professional coach certification training. In fact, ICAs programs are specifically designed to leverage the advantages of voice-to-voice training with interactive teleclasses delivered via telephone or technologies such as Skype.

This allows ICA students to enjoy working from anywhere, at their own pace, completing assignments based on their schedule and time constraints without ever falling behind.

The process is quite simple – you call into a teleclass, listen to everyone joining the call, check in with the trainer who then leads the call encouraging participation when required or desired. Thoughts are discussed and debated, ideas created, knowledge shared, friendships discovered, business connections made, skills practiced, learning enhanced, trust developed and global partnerships formed.

Interestingly the virtual nature of e-learning (and therefore our program) encourages and supports the very skills essential to coaching mastery – active listening, presence, focus and non judgment. Because there are no facial expressions, body language or gestures to ‘read’, voice to voice coach training heightens our coaching competencies as we learn to attune to what is said and not said, to tone, pitch, and energy, and even the communication clues in a dry cough, a nervous laugh or an unusual pause. We believe it is more difficult to achieve this level of listening skills in a physical environment with endless distractions and pre-conceived perspectives based on what we see.

We consider it a kind of “soul to soul” communicating. Our students have repeatedly told us they find the connection and community created within the classes to be as rich and robust as in any ‘bricks and mortar’ classroom, probably more so. We think anonymity also encourages trust and releases fear creating a safe, comfortable space maintained by both learner and teacher.

Students who enjoy distance learning are generally organized, self-motivated, and comfortable with basic computer skills such as email.

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