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Become a Learning Leader

Learn the skills you need to coach in a group, whether its a face to face group or an online group. Knowing how to coach groups will allow you to leverage your time and income potential and ensure group learning is optimised.

When would I use group coaching?

If you work in an organisation and your role is to develop team you would need group coaching skills.

If you are a trainer you can enhance your training by training with a coach approach.

If you want to deliver workshops or teleclasses, group coaching skills will also be of use.

What would I learn in group coaching?


International Coach Academy's learning leader program will teach you how to create a safe space within a group, about group dynamics, learning styles and how to manage different personalities within a group so that all members are able to participate fully.

Can I do group coaching online?

Yes, group coaches can coach groups via skype, goto meeting or other teleseminar software / over the phone.  The group coaching skills are the skills ICA trainers learn when they run the coach training teleseminars.

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Heather Skomp <br/>Life Coach, UNITED STATES

When I got to meet in person two of my ICA student and friends – one from Germany, and one from Vancouver, We met up in Washington state for a weekend and had the best time ever! The friends I have met in ICA are worth their weight in gold.

Heather Skomp






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