ICA's Coaching Tips

How to structure a coaching session?

Here at ICA we believe every coach has their own unique approach to coaching, However, most coaching sessions share a common structure and unfold in much the same way.

The coaching session in 6 simple steps:

1. Establish Coaching Agreement

Identify the specific issue for the session.

  • What is the issue/goal you would like to focus on today?
  • What is important about this for you?

2. Set The Goal or Outcome for The Session

Invite client to envision their desired outcome.

  • How will you know you achieved what you wanted to accomplish today?
  • What will that look like or feel like (subjective or objective)?
  • Where are you now regarding what you wanted to achieve today?

3. Coach the Client

Starting with the desired outcomes, invite client to explore different actions or shift perspective for unearthing possible solutions.

  • What is the BEST solution for you in this situation?
  • What changes or differences might you or others notice?

4. Identify and Commit to Action

Client chooses actions to commit to.

  • What might get in the way of accomplishing this?
  • How will you support your commitment to this action?

5. Key Outcomes

Client summarizes actions, commitments and/or perspective shifts.

  • What are your take-aways from this session?
  • What new awareness or learning happened today?
  • How will this support you going forward?

6. Accountability

Coach partners with client to “hold” their promise to themselves.

  • How will you hold yourself accountable to the goal(s) you set today?
  • How I can I partner with you to enhance your accountability?

Here the coach might invite some homework, journaling, or other in-between session activity and schedule the next session.


Every coach is unique and so is their approach, but when it comes to structuring a session it relatively the same for all coaches.  [Click to Tweet!]

The coach must establishing an coaching agreement and the client must set the goal for the session.   [Click to Tweet!]

The accountability of a coach, ensures the specific actions and outcomes of a session will be maintained.    [Click to Tweet!]