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One of the most common questions our prospective students ask is 'who is a typical ICA Student'.  The best way for us to answer this is for you to see for yourself.  Every student at ICA graduates with their own coaching portfolio.  Developed during their training, and with the support of ICA's faculty, they identify their niche and unique coaching model and then use this as a framework in their coaching practice and with clients.  It's their way of the telling the world what sort of coach they will be, and what makes them different.

Coaching Model

ICA firmly believes that every coaching model is unique.  We don't teach the cookie cutter approach, but instead, support students to develop their own model and one that will specifically support how they plan to use coaching.  It's a framework to communicate their coaching expertise and process Read student coaching models.

Power Tool

A Coaching Power Tool is a way of shifting a perspective, and of seeing a situation from two opposing perspectives.  The ICA Curriculum has 9 Power Tools, but by developing their own Power Tool it gives students a deeper understanding of the concept, as well as a valuable resource they can use as part of their coaching practice.  Read Student Coaching power tools.

Research Paper

Coaching Research Papers are an opportunity for ICA coaches to research an area of coaching that particularly interests them and to write a thought leadership article around that topic.  The research paper can explore a coaching practice in further details for example how neuroscience influences coaching or it can be around the challenges of coaching within a particular niche.  The research papers help to set the coach apart from other coaches and make them an expert in a particular area. Read student research papers.

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