Coaching 101 Skills and Certification (Free)

Upon completion of Coaching 101, you will be issued with a certification for one (1) hour of Accredited Coach Specific Training (ACSTH).  The skill you learn can be applied to an personal or professional skill portfolio.

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An Open Classroom

Most ICA students begin their coach training journey with Coaching 101. It's an open classroom where you can dial in and either participate or just listen, and is the best way to know if our learning style is a good fit for you.

  • Downloadable Module from ICA's Accredited Curriculum
  • Open Classroom with with ICA students and faculty
  • Priority Q & A opportunities
  • Certification for one (1) hour of Accredited Coach Specific Training (ACSTH)
  • Tuition Savings for Upgrades to Essential, Certified of Advanced Training

What is a Teleclass?

At ICA our 'Bridge lines' operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A teleclass is a small groups of students gathered gather together via the telephone for the purposes of learning.  They are NOT lectures!  In many ways our teleclasses are run like University tutorials. There is a pre-determined topic and an experienced coach trainer facilitates the call. Students are invited to participate in discussion and raise questions or challenges for consideration.

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What Happens in a Teleclass?

We Welcome All Students

Rob Stringer welcomes students
The first 5 minutes of every class is spent connecting with students. Our students dial in from countries all over the world so this is often a very interesting process.

All Classes Start with Shares and Wins

Lorna Poole, ACC, invites sharing
We start each session off by celebrating strengths and acknowledging achievements. Most classes will dedicate 5 - 10 minutes to student sharing. This is not only empowering, it is also an excellent way to find out what your classmates are up to.

Coaching Skills Presentation

Lorna Poole presents 'Taking action'
Each teleclass is connected to a PDF module in the ICA Learnsite. The trainer will start each class with a presentation of the topic. This will not be a repeat of existing material, but rather an interpretation of the concepts and skills presented in the module.

Resource Sharing

Leon Vander Pole shares  'Appreciate Intelligence'
All our trainers are professional coaches with years of hands on experience. They also come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries. Therefore the resources they share are valuable and practical and provide a further link between theory and practice.