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Find out what happens in an ICA
Classroom, meet our Faculty and learn
coaching skills you can use every day.

Pioneers in Online Training

ICA's training has been accredited with the International Coach Federation since 2004, and we've been delivering e-learning since 2001.

New Concepts & Knowledge

Learn new concepts and terminology via PDF Modules, video and audio tutorials, selected readings and resources.

Exploration & Understanding

Experience our training, learn a coaching skill, and meet our community. Real classes, with real faculty and students.


Earn participation credits for your sample classes and then apply them to a full program or short course.

Real Classes, Real Faculty, Real Learning

Learning is a social activity, it happens between PEOPLE

At ICA the term online learning refers to an interactive e-learning methodology and a thriving community of coaching networks and friendships.

All coach training materials (class schedules, module downloads, video tutorials, selected resources, and the ICA Coaches private forum) are hosted in our Learnsite.  A Learnsite that has been online since 2001 and built specifically for ICA’s learning community.

Preparation for Your Sample Class

The class you will be attending is just a sample from this much bigger learning experience.  To prepare for your class, and maximise the benefit, we recommend the following preparation.

  1. Register for a Class (see below)
  2. Download Zoom and check your confirmation email for the zoom code.
  3. Download and read the module before class (see side menu)
  4. Read through the ICA Code of Conduct (which governs participation in all classes)
  5. Log your attendance and earn a participation credit

Count Your Attendance Towards an Accredited ICA Program

The class you are attending sits inside a fully accredited coach training program.  By recording your class with us, you can count it towards your program completion should you continue on to join an ICA program.   Your attendance counts towards the following programs

  • Life Design Course (18 hours)
  • Workplace Coach Course (30 hours)
  • Vocational Coach Program (76 hours)
  • Professional Coach Program (125 hours)
  • Advanced Coach Program (150 hours)LOG YOUR ATTENDANCE HERE

For enrolled students at ICA, there’s no such thing as a missed class (there’s over 30 classes a week to choose from and they rotate).  But, the ‘open classes’ don’t come around as regularly.  So, if you find there isn’t a class shown that works for your schedule, then we invite you to listen to the classes and labs we have recorded.

Sample Class: What is Coaching?

Classes are where a coaching concept is introduced, explained and then explored.  All classes follow the same format.  A format that will become reliable and predictable as you move through your studies, meaning that your focus is on the learning rather than ‘what next’.

In this class, Rob Stringer (trainer) introduces the concept of coaching; what it is, and what it isn’t. Download and read the module for context. 

Sample Lab: ‘Stop the Clock’ Coaching Session

In Coaching Labs our students coach and receive mentor feedback, and our faculty demonstrate the use of the ICF competencies and markers.  In this session, Lorna Poole (PCC) coaches ICA graduate Sarah Hamish-Creek around the possibility of adopting a dog.  It’s a big decision and Sarah’s noticed she’s getting stuck.

Watch Video of Coaching Session

The following classes have been opened up from our Level 2 Coach Training Program for those who are considering coach training, and would like to become a Certified Professional Coach.  It's an opportunity to experience our training, learn a new coach skill and meet our community.

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Our coaches come from over 90 countries and all share one passion - the power of coaching. Find out the pathways our Graduate Coaches have taken and the niches they work in.