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If you have never taken a teleclass before, don't worry. This is exactly what these classes are for.  It's a chance to find out more about learning via teleclass, and to experience first hand our learning community.  Our trainers and students will be expecting you and will make you feel welcome .Its up to you how you participate.  Some students learn best by listening and taking notes, and other like to actively engage in conversation.

There's two different types of classes you can attend.

CORE CURRICULUM: Download 'What is Coaching?' or 'Reframing Perspectives' Module, Watch the Tutorial, and then dial into a class. These classes focus on the theory and foundations behind coaching.

SPECIALITY LABS: As part of our coach training, students join Coaching Specialty labs to explore and develop a niche.  These fall into 4 main streams; Life, Leadership, Health & Wellness and Business.  And then, within each stream there are hundreds of niche opportunities. These classes are less structured than a core curriculum class and designed to support our coaches to develop their coaching portfolios.

Approved Coach Specific Training (ACSTH)

Both the Core curriculum and speciality labs are Approved Coach Specific Training.  So, make sure you let us know after you attend a class so we can issue you with a Certificate of Completion.  You can share this with potential employers or clients, and can also use it as a participation credit when you upgrade to any of ICA's Coach Training Programs.  To register for a certificate, complete the Coaching 101 Log.

Join a Core Curriculum Class

Learn coaching skills and knowledge that influence Coaching

Every module in ICA's curriculum has a corresponding download, video tutorial and live teleclass.  We've selected two of these modules and shared them with you below. Both are Approved Coach Specific Training (ACSTH) meaning that they have been accredited by the International Coach Federation and are aligned with their Core competencies and Code of Ethics.

1. Download a Module; What is Coaching? or Reframing Perspectives

2. Watch the Video Tutorial (see below)

3. Register for a Live Teleclass: View Schedule

Video Tutorial: What is Coaching?

Audio Tutorial: Reframing Perspectives

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For each module, there is a corresponding teleclass.  Each class is facilitated by an expert coach and trainer, who will explain the concepts in the module in more depth and then open up the class for conversation and questions.

We've picked one time zone (NY Eastern) to show the calendar - but you can convert to any location using a simple time convertor such as

Don't forget to log your attendance after the call using the Coaching 101 log so we can issue you with a certificate of completion following your class.

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Join a Speciality Lab

Explore Coaching in Context with Likeminded Coaches

When coaching was a new profession, 10 or 15 years ago, it was perfectly acceptable to simply call yourself a coach. But today the coaching profession is well developed across many industries and professions around the globe and the need to specialize is increasing.

  • People are not looking for generalist coaches anymore; they want specific help for specific challenges
  • The best coaches integrate their years of experience and knowledge into highly crafted, well honed coaching niches.
  • People use the internet more and more for "shopping research". To be found online when your prospective clients search for you, you need to be listed under something more specific than "coach"

Life Coaching is probably the broadest are of coaching and includes literally hundreds of coaching niches. Find out more

Leadership Coaching is often the preferred coaching area for people who have worked in the corporate environment and includes literally hundreds of coaching niches from sales coaching to CEO Coaching.  Find out more

Business Coaching  can take many forms such as coaching NGO's or social entrepreneurs to small family businesses. It is an area where previous experience in business is an advantage and it includes dozens of coaching niches.  Find out more

Health and Wellness Coaching covers a diverse range of niches including addiction coaching and mindfulness coaching. Coaches are drawn to this area because of personal experience.  This area coaching has literally dozens of coaching niches. Find out More

What Happens In an ICA Classroom

Each week our students have over 30 classes to choose from.  Of these, we open up 4 - 6 classes for our prospective students to join.  It's a great way to know if ICA is for you, and a good opportunity to meet our faculty and community.

A teleclass is a small group of students gathered together via the telephone for the purposes of learning.  They are NOT lectures!  There is a pre-determined topic and an experienced coach trainer who facilitates the call. Students are invited to participate in discussion and raise questions or challenges for consideration.

We Welcome All Students

The first 5 minutes of every class is spent connecting with students. Our students dial in from countries all over the world so this is often a very interesting process. Some students call in early, some on time and some a few minutes late.

Coaching Skills Presentation

Each teleclass is connected to a PDF module in the ICA Learnsite. The trainer will incorporate a presentation of the topic in every class. This will not be a repeat of existing material, but rather an interpretation of the concepts and skills presented in the module.

In this class Rob uses an analogy to explain the difference between coaching, consulting and therapy.

Discover, Don't Tell

The ICA program is taught using a discovery approach. The trainer will help the students discover new material for themselves. This does not mean our trainers never "teach", they just don't "lecture" In this clip a student comments on this style of teaching

Coaching Tip

All our Trainers are practicing coaches, so they come to the classes with real life examples. Things that have worked well with clients and things that have not worked so well.

In this clip Rob talks about the day he decided to let go of his pen and paper with its list of prepared coaching questions, and just trust his instinct to ask the right question at the right time.

Niche Specific Mentoring

We are well known worldwide for the diversity in our Faculty. And this diversity is not just language and cultural, we also have a diverse number of coaching niches represented in our Trainers.  In this audio clip Rob Stringer gives students a tip from his professional expertise as a Youth and Family Coach.

Resource Sharing

All our trainers are professional coaches with years of hands on experience. They also come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries, with many having run their own coaching practice. The resources they share are valuable and practical and provide a further link between theory and practice.

Student Sharing

We actively encourage student to share their personal coaching experiences - why they came to coaching, how they plan to use coaching, challenges and wins. In this clip one of our students shares how she plans to use coaching in her job as a Careers Counsellor at an American College.

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