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Dealing with Grief
Ligia Houben
Grief Coach

From Thespian to Coach
Misti Patrella
Life Coach

Physical Adversity Into Healthy Action
Tom Seaman, Health and Wellness Coach

Coaching Applications

In the 'olden days', as in 12 years ago, when students would come to International Coach Academy for training they would want to leave their day job to become a coach. In those days they were looking to become a life coach or an executive coach.

Fast forward to today.  We are finding that people understand more about coaching and have either seen or experienced the power of coaching and how it can be used as a stand alone career or added to an existing career.  We find that the best coaches are the ones who don't walk away from their previous experience, but integrate it into their coaching application.

Add Coaching
One of the things we often talk about in our coach training is how Coaching is NOT consulting or mentoring.  However, it is an extremely valuable addition to any health, education or corporate profession. It adds a level of emotional intelligence and specific skills that will add significant value to your workplace, and to your overall wellbeing and success. For small business owners it can also be an additional revenue stream should they decide to take on external clients.

Become a Coach
Clients want to know they are not just employing someone calling themselves a coach, but that they are in fact employing someone who has been through a rigorous training and accreditation process.  For this reason, we highly recommend that coaches wanting a professional coaching practice complete either our Certified or Advanced Coach Training (both ICF Accredited). We also highly recommend identifying your target market and consider a coaching speciality.  The most popular being life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching and health and wellness coaching.  But, your niche can be anything you want it to be with increasing opportunities such as ADHD coaching.

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Alex Stewart, ICA Graduate

Coaching is Not Just a Profession - it's a Business

Alex Stewart had worked in the Logistics Industry in both Australia and the US, for over 30 years.  He had risen from driver/office worker to Managing Director of one of the world’s largest air courier companies. In 2011 Alex decided it was time for change and began looking for a career where he could use his existing business skills, manage his own work/life/balance, and most importantly – generate income. Within 18 months Alex had graduated from ICA's Certified Coach Training Program as a Certified Professional Coach.

Become a Coach or Blend Coaching with Your Existing Profession

1. Create Your Own Coaching Model

The coaching market is saturated with cookie cutter coaches - learning the same old models (GROW model etc.) and coaching with the same old processes. At ICA we help you to create a coaching model that is unique to you and your market.

2. Blend of Online Learning & Live Teleclasses

Learnsite Access to module downloads, resources, assessments, mentor coaching and peer coaching.  Live teleclasses and forum connections then explore each module in depth.

3. Flexible Scheduling - Go Fast or Go Slow

Weekend classes are not for everyone, but they're extremely popular at ICA.  So, in addition to the 31 weekday class options, there's 10 weekend time options.  The key principle being 'choice'.  A choice around the day or time you attend classes and how many (or few) fit best with your schedule.

4. Your Peer Coaching is Included

Many coach training schools charge extra for peer coaching - but with ICA, it's included. This gives you the chance to practice as both a coach and a client, and gives you the peer coaching requirements for an ACC or PCC credential.

5. ACC and PCC Credential Pathways

When you graduate from the Certified and Advanced programs you hold the designation of Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and can continue on to ACC or PCC Credential via ACTP pathway.

6. We Truly Care About Your Success

Our coaching community is made up of over 4000 coaches, many of who have stayed connected long after they graduate.  This speaks volumes to camaraderie and support you can expect. We truly care about our students and support you from enrollment through to graduation.