Coaching Specialty Groups (Free to Join)

Each Group is facilitated by an expert who operates their own coaching business and knows first hand the types of issues clients may bring to coaching sessions and what strategies work best to empower and support them. For ‘coaches to be’ it’s a great way to learn more about your chosen niche.

Monthly Teleseminars, Resources and more…

  • Cross Cultural

    Join Cross-Cultural Coach Valerie Bath to discuss issues faced by cross cultural coaches including finding coaching clients and managing client relationship in different time zones. Join the Cross Cultural Coaching Community

  • Grief

    Join Grief Coach Ligia M. Houben to discuss issues faced by grief coaches including self care and managing the client relationship, helping clients adjust to life without the deceased person and more. Join the Grief Coaching Community

  • Executive & Leadership

    Join Executive Coach Dana LeFeuvre to discuss executive stress and burn out, career transition, team management, and how to help executives reach their goals.  Join the Executive Coaching Community

  • Youth & Family

    Join Youth and Family Coach Rob Stringer to discuss issues around youth and family coaching, privacy, parent and youth communication, and when to identify if alternative help is needed such as psychological treatment Join the Youth & Family Coaching Community

  • Health and Wellness

    Join Health and Wellness Coach Karen Plumbe as she shares her “know-how”, knowledge of holistic health, and respect for the fragile balance of mind, body and spirit.  Find out how you and your clients can ‘Live your Best Life”  Join the Health and Wellness Coaching Community

  • Career

    Join Career Coach Divya Parekh as she shares resources, tools and best practices to support clients to create a life plan and mindset to navigate through career advancement and achieve employment goals. Join the Career Coaching Community

    • Transformational and Healing

      ​Join Transformational Coaching and Healing  Leon VanderPol. This group for coaches who are interested in healing, or anyone wanting to become a transformational coach. Join the Transformational Coaching and Healing Community

    • ADHD Coaching Group

      Join ADHD Coach, Saul Tucker, in a lively discussion on how an ADHD coach can support clients diagnosed with ADHD to create structures, skills and strategies to function more effectively.  Join the ADHD Coaching Community

    • New Groups and Feedback

      Can’t see your niche listed?  Let us know your area of interest and we investigate creating that niche group for you and your peers.  Group Suggestion

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