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The ICA Classroom Experience

ICA coach training is rigorous and challenging. You will learn through experience and practice and apply what you learn first to your own lives and then to the lives of your clients. In doing so you will create a deeper and more personal knowledge of what it is to be a coach.

Starting with "The History of Coaching" you will study more than one coaching model or philosophy.  Then, when you are ready, you will create your own unique coaching model; a model that will work for YOU, in YOUR context with YOUR clients.

Experience a unique blend of learning at ICA

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We have over 50 modules in our accredited coach training program, and each one is delivered in a bite sized PDF.

Our students want flexibility and immediacy. They want to get their hands on our content where and when they want. So you can read our modules on your iPhone on the train, print them off and sit in the sun, download them and take them on the plane, or sit in the comfort of your own home.


The best way to dig deep into a concept is to pull it to pieces with a like minded groups of peers. Our teleclasses are small groups of 12 - 20 students led by experienced coach trainers. It is here that you will really explore the 50+ modules in our programs

We run over 70 classes a week across 4 timezones to cater for our broad international student base. Our premium Teleconference provider, Voicetext, make sure there is always an operator on hand if you need it.

And with no web based technology to worry about, joining a class is as easy as dialing a friend. You simply call our US based phone number using any device you want -  cell phone, landline, skype, voip etc.

To get an idea of a typical teleclass experience click here ->  The Anatomy of a Teleclass

Voicetext: Premium Teleconferencing

Alvin Toffler

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Alvin Toffler

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Our forum is one of the largest gatherings of coaching conversations you will ever see. With over 51,000 topics and posts from coaches and trainers it is not only a place of connection and sharing, it is like an online database of coaching knowledge.

A word on "virtual relationships": Unless you have met and connected with another human being via a forum you can never truly understand the depths of the relationships you can build online. Far from being inferior to so called "real world" connections, the relationships our students form are deep and long lasting. Many of them go on to establish businesses together (which enables them to offer coaching in several countries around the world) and it is common for students to connect up and meet in person as they travel the world.

There is nothing "virtual" about it really.

Want to Sample a Class at ICA?

Join Coaching 101- get 3 PDF modules, access to the Forum and a LIVE Teleclass


The quality of any training program is directly related to the quality of it's trainers. Our trainers are all experienced
coaches and all combine training with professional coaching - which means they are actually out there coaching on
a weekly basis. They bring real life examples and resources into the classroom.

Got a question? Want to follow up from something in class? No problem! Our Coach Trainers are easily
contactable via their own private folders in the ICA Forum. There are many discussions in the forum that began
as small comments in a teleclass and went on to become major threads of investigation.


Ask me about cross cultural coaching

Sunita Chibar, PCC
Sunita Chibar, PCC ICA Trainer, India

Ask me about Youth & Parent coaching

Rob Stringer
Rob Stringer ICA Trainer, Canada

Ask me about coaching Mumpreneurs

Jamee Tenzer
Jamee Tenzer ICA Trainer, Canada

Ask me about Leadership coaching

Katerina Kandeliou
Katerina Kandeliou ICA Trainer, Greece

Ask me about Expat coaching

Scott Mascierelli
Scott Mascierelli ICA Trainer, USA


Our support is world class. Not only do we have a comprehensive knowledge base with just about every question a student has ever asked - we also match you with one on one peer support on request. You can partner with a past student as you navigate your way through our Learning Environment.

All our buddies are volunteers - what can we say, they love us! 🙂