Certified Coach Training Programs, 2014

Celebrate with our ICA Graduates and find out how they are using Coaching.

Hundred's of ICA Coaches are featured in the 2014 Graduate Yearbooks, showcasing the diversity of our community and the incredible depth of talent. Each graduate shares their specialized niche, Coaching Model & Coaching Power Tool.

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Certified Programs (Global)

January to June 2014

July to December 2014

I was so proud and relieved after I finished my first Peer Coaching session.
[Sybille de Klebnikoff, CHINA]

ICA has exceeded my expectations. The content of the program and the people I have met has been fantastic.
[Douglas Hensch, UNITED STATES]

The deep connections and the space co-created was almost tangible.
[Esther Muthoga, KENYA]

Certified Programs (Chinese)

January to June 2014

July to December 2014

Certified Program (India)

January to July 2014

Learning Leader Program (Global)

January to July 2014

Looking for Coaching Certification?

Not all coaches need an ICF Credential and find the skills, expertise and certification they receive after completing an International Coach Academy training program is enough to get them coaching or running their own coaching business.  For this reason, we offer both ACTP and ACSTH training with all program curriculum ICF Accredited.

Download a copy of our Certification Whitepaper to find out more about if you need certification, and which one is best for you.

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