Fully Flexible Study, Local Connections, Global Community

It's a winning combination for thousands of coaches around the world

Watch this Video of ICA Coaches Meeting Up Around the World


In the last couple of years we have held multiple formal and informal ICA gatherings around the world. Ranging from ICF conferences in Italy, Brazil and Switzerland, to Coaching Salons in Beijing and Shanghai and Meetups in Toronto and Melbourne.

Watch this video to get a feel for the amazing connectedness of the ICA Global Coaching Community.

Benefits of ICA's Training

1. Create Your Own Coaching Model

The coaching market is saturated with cookie cutter coaches - learning the same old models (GROW model etc.) and coaching with the same old processes. At ICA we help you to create a coaching model that is unique to you and your market.

2. Blend of Online Learning & Live Teleclasses

Learnsite Access to module downloads, resources, assessments, mentor coaching and peer coaching.  Live teleclasses and forum connections then explore each module in depth.

3. Flexible Scheduling - Go Fast or Go Slow

Weekend classes are not for everyone, but they're extremely popular at ICA.  So, in addition to the 31 weekday class options, there's 10 weekend time options.  The key principle being 'choice'.  A choice around the day or time you attend classes and how many (or few) fit best with your schedule.

4. Your Peer Coaching is Included

Many coach training schools charge extra for peer coaching - but with ICA, it's included. This gives you the chance to practice as both a coach and a client, and gives you the peer coaching requirements for an ACC or PCC credential.

5. ACC and PCC Credential Pathways

When you graduate from the Certified and Advanced programs you hold the designation of Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and can continue on to ACC or PCC Credential via ACTP pathway.

6. We Truly Care About Your Success

Our coaching community is made up of over 4000 coaches, many of who have stayed connected long after they graduate.  This speaks volumes to camaraderie and support you can expect. We truly care about our students and support you from enrollment through to graduation.

Which Program to Choose?

When choosing a program it's important to consider how you would like to learn (which might be different to how you have learnt before), what pathway options are available to for further study or credentialing, program value for money,  and  how the program will fit your lifestyle.  To help you make these key decisions, we've shared some insights into our program.  Take the Program Selection Quiz to find the program best for you.

Program Selector Quiz

The Value of  Teleclasses for Learning

In many ways our teleclasses are run like University tutorials. There is a pre-determined topic and an experienced coach trainer facilitates the call. Students are invited to participate in discussion and raise questions or challenges for consideration.

  • Focus on Language & Tone

    Telephone coaching is extremely powerful, possibly even more so than face to face. This is because the coach does not have to maintain eye contact and nod “politely” Rather then can focus in on language and tone. And for the client it is less confronting so they are often more likely to go deeper.

  • Reflective Learning

    Face to face training often involves travel costs and often runs for days. It is what we call “fire hose” training – delivering a whole lot of content in a short space of time. Teleclasses on the other hand, are short bursts of learning that allow for reflection and practice in between. Much better for learning.

  • 'Just in Time' Learning

    There has been a lot written about the benefits of ‘Just in Time’ learning, including the ability to study at your own personal speed and intensity, the ability to join conversations in the forum before or after classes and the flexibility of being able to juggle study around work or family commitments.

  • Learn to Coach on the Phone

    Over 80% of our graduates coach on the phone, so it makes sense to get as much practice as you can in this medium. Our training includes coaching role plays in which one student acts as the coach, and another as the client. The role play then occurs with the rest of the students acting as observers and then sharing feedback. Role playing in teleclasses means you are completely prepared to coach for real on the phone, often way before you graduate.