Coach Training Readiness Assessment

A Range Of Tools To Discover If You Would Make a Good Coach,
and If Coaching is For You

Is Your Personality Suited to Coaching?

Are listening and questioning two of your top strengths?  Do you often find yourself thinking about how great it would be to live the life you love and be a part of creating positive change for yourself or those around you?  Well, it's most likely your a coach and you don't even know it.

Having trained coaches for the last 15 years we know for sure that anyone can become a coach.  However, we have also seen first hand that certain personality types and backgrounds lend themselves more to the coach approach than others, and it's those people who stand out from the crowd as extraordinary coaches.

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Which Coach Training Program is Best For  You?

There is a long standing idiom in the consulting/business world that you can have any TWO of these THREE things: Time, Money, Quality

So if you want a high quality product really fast, it will be expensive. Or if you want it fast AND cheap then be prepared for a quality drop.

At ICA we are proud to say you can have all three!

Our high quality programs have been designed by by specialist coach educators, are accredited by the International Coach Federation, and have been training coaches since 2001.  Students can take their time, or fast track, with a class schedule designed to fit in around your lifestyle and not the other way around.  And, with a range of programs, it's possible to find the solution that fits your own personal budget.

Would I Fit In At ICA?

Prospective students often wonder if ICA is a good fit for them, and in particular,  if online learning is for the.  Too often this concept is confused with one way learning delivery.  But, at ICA, the term online learning applies to a rich combination of - Live Teleclasses - Video Tutorials - Downloadable Modules - Private Coaches Forum - regular local F2F Meet Ups There has been a lot written about the benefits of ‘Just in Time’ learning, including the ability to study at your own personal speed and intensity, the ability to join conversations in the forum before or after classes and the flexibility of being able to juggle study around work or family commitments.

Try Our Training and See For Yourself

But, really, the best way to know if ICA is for you is to sample one of our classes.  We've uploaded a sample class to our website, and then every month we open up one of our classes for you to dial into and find out for yourself what it's like to train at ICA.

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