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Community Support is core to the way we do business. We truly care about our students and support you from enrollment through to graduation. We have a dedicated team of support staff around the world who will answer your questions within 48 hours as well as student “buddies” to help students get settled into their programs.

Our student community has over 4000 students who participate daily in the private forums and attend over 60 teleclasses a week in two different languages. This keeps us busy but we love to connect with our community and many of our graduates stay connected to us long after they graduate.  This speaks volumes to camaraderie and support you can expect. The graduate yearbooks are full of student memorable moments all of which will testify to the positive, supporting and friendly global culture of ICA.  We look forward to answering any question you may have on becoming a coach, coach training or our school.

What support do you offer to help me get started?

For new students we have instructional videos to help you navigate the learn site.
We have a student support call to help you get started and we have a student buddy system to assign you to an existing student who can show you the ropes.

In addition to this our support team at are always there to help you as well.

What support is there to help with assessment tasks?

Each course area also has learning labs attached to them. In these labs you can workshop your niche, your coaching model, power tool or research paper and ask any question relating to that course area.

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What Business Support do you offer?

Not all our students need business support as some are using coaching with their existing profession and some students already have a coaching practice and are looking for certification. For professional coaches completing the Certified Program, students develop their coaching toolkit which consists of their own coaching model, power tool and research paper.  This will help set them apart from other coaches.

In addition in the Certified and Advanced Program students can develop their coaching niche and attend specialty lab classes where coaches talk about issues relating to that coaching niche.

For coaches wanting to set up their own coaching practice and taking the Advanced Program, we offer business building support which includes 12 month access to Business Express - step by step modules on how to develop your coaching business along with weekly labs where you can ask questions around your niche, business model or technical questions around setting up your website.
For anyone else, the Business Express package can be purchased separately or at a later date.

Finally we offer a Business Express Done For You service where we set-up your website for you. Again students who want this option can upgrade at any time.

Business Building is not about core coaching skills, its about sales and marketing of your coaching practice and won't be needed by everyone.

Hector Sandoval <br/>Leadership Coach, SPAIN

ICA is a great community for learning, support and continuous development of coaching skills and profession. I have enjoyed interacting with the faculty, staff and peers, throughout a long but rewarding journey. This program has supported my goal to become a leadership effectiveness professional.

Hector Sandoval
Leadership Coach, SPAIN

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