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International Coach Academy's coach training is delivered via a combination of live teleclasses, written training material, video and audio content as well as a lively learning forum.  This method of learning gives students a rich networking opportunity combining live classes with coaches from all over the world as well as the ability to go deeper and share resources and additional learning material in the forum.

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The 5 Features to Online Learning with ICA

1: Downloadable PDF Modules

Every module in ICA's Coach Training has a PDF download.  This introduces the module concept, briefly explores key areas of learning,  and then offers opportunities for reflection.

2: Video Tutorial

Each module is then introduced via Video and again the key concepts are highlighted.  It's recommended students read both the module and watch the video tutorial before dialing into a teleclass.

3: Live Teleclass

A teleclass is a small group of students gathered together via the telephone for the purposes of learning.  They are NOT lectures!  There is a pre-determined topic and an experienced coach trainer who facilitates the call. Students are invited to participate in discussion and raise questions or challenges for consideration.

4: Private Coaches Forum

The community forum is faculty moderated and is where students post their reflections, find their peer coach, offer to be a peer client and connected socially.  It's a hub of activity, with many students organising local meet ups where they can connect face to face outside the 'online learning space'.

5: Peer Coaching

This is where you put theory into practice. Our Peer Coaching program spans over 90 countries and is where you learn first hand how to set up appointments and structure coaching calls, with the opportunity to be both coach and client.

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Do I need a computer to take the course?

You will need access to a computer to access the learnsite and the private forum.  Classes are delivered via teleclass and students dial in using skype or a phone card.  Support is available to students getting started.

How much will phone calls cost?

The cost of phone calls vary from country to country. Most countries now have international phone cards that cost a few cents per minute to dial into a US bridge line. Some students have unlimited home or mobile phone plans in which case the home or mobile phone can be used to dial in. Many students call in via skype and purchase skype credits to make the calls. For a 60 minute call, the costs can be as low as $1.50 USD.

Do I need to be tech savvy to train to be a coach online?

We have many students who are technology shy and who have never used Skype and are not computer savvy.  We offer support for students starting up including video training and a getting started live call.  If you have never participated in a tele class, we have detailed tele class etiquette showing you what to expect.  If you can use a telephone and open a web page, you will be able to participate in the coach training.

Can you really connect other students in a virtual learning environment?

The resounding answer to this question is YES and it's one of the key benefits of training at International Coach Academy with coaches from all over the world. Strong friendships and professional networks along with a global perspective on coaching issues and skills.

Claudia Purpura<br/>Career Coach, FRANCE

I was amazed by how much virtual learning could be a fantastic way of meeting people and building a community of practice. I believe the unique blend of teleclasses, forum, and coach-to-coach approach was a very intense and fruitful learning journey. I am glad i was part of the ICA family and will definitely stay around.
Thanks to all! 

Claudia Purpura
Career Coach, FRANCE

What are the benefits of online teleclass coach training vs face to face training?


The Value of Learning in an Online Environment

In many ways our teleclasses are run like University tutorials. There is a pre-determined topic and an experienced coach trainer facilitates the call. Students are invited to participate in discussion and raise questions or challenges for consideration.

Focus on Language & Tone

Telephone coaching is extremely powerful, possibly even more so than face to face. This is because the coach does not have to maintain eye contact and nod “politely” Rather then can focus in on language and tone. And for the client it is less confronting so they are often more likely to go deeper.


Reflective Learning

Face to face training often involves travel costs and often runs for days. It is what we call “fire hose” training – delivering a whole lot of content in a short space of time. Teleclasses on the other hand, are short bursts of learning that allow for reflection and practice in between. Much better for learning.
'Just in Time' Learning

There has been a lot written about the benefits of ‘Just in Time’ learning, including the ability to study at your own personal speed and intensity, the ability to join conversations in the forum before or after classes and the flexibility of being able to juggle study around work or family commitments.

Learn to Coach on the Phone

Over 80% of our graduates coach on the phone, so it makes sense to get as much practice as you can in this medium. Our training includes coaching role plays in which one student acts as the coach, and another as the client. The role play then occurs with the rest of the students acting as observers and then sharing feedback. Role playing in teleclasses means you are completely prepared to coach for real on the phone, often way before you graduate.

B . K . Kulkarni<br/>Life Coach, INDIA

Its fantastic how the structured ICA coach training works. It was my first experience with distance learning and adult education. All instructors are amazing ! ICA You have given me new purpose in Life – A Coaching Career. Thank You 

B . K . Kulkarni
Life Coach, INDIA

Meet Kelly & Jeanette, ICA Graduates

Kelly & Jeanette are Graduates of ICA and meet for the first time at an ICA Meetup in Chicago. In this video they talk about the power of virtual relationships.

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