Life as a Coach

Life as a Blended Coach

As a Blended Coach you will combine coaching skills with your current profession, sometimes coaching and sometimes training or consulting and giving professional advice. As a blended coach you will be an expert in your field and you will add coaching skills to better help your clients.

What is Blended Coaching?

Blended Coaching is when coaching is added to some other specialty or expertise. As a pure coach you don't give advice however as a blended coach, there are times when your specific advice and expertise is needed and requested.  For example as a financial planner, clients come to you for financial planning advice.  As a financial planner with coaching skills you can really get to the core of what someone wants out of life and what financial stability looks like for them and then you will advise your client on the best way to go about achieving their goal. As a personal trainer or nutritionist you will tailor an exercise or eating plan to suit your client based on your expertise but you can also use your coaching skills to uncover and help with road blocks to achieving weight loss or a balanced diet.

Blending Coaching and Training

Training is the ability to impart specific new knowledge. Blending training and coaching will allow for better training where the trainee take responsibility for their own learning, see how that learning is beneficial to what they are doing and be a willing and active and engaged participant in the training.  For example training staff on new software or training staff in a new or different process but combining that with coaching so that staff understand why change is needed, how it will impact them, how they feel about the change and how they can see change in a positive fashion.  Combining training with coaching especially in the context of organisational change will help change be accepted and embraced in a positive fashion.

Blending Coaching and Consulting

Consultants are hired for their expertise and specific knowledge. Consultants that blend coaching with their consulting skills will be able to get buy in for new ideas and change.  They will be able to actively listen and ask the right questions to then be able to give recommendations that are more likely to be accepted.

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Blending Teaching and Coaching

We all know that we learn best when we are engaged and where we can see and understand the value of what we are learning.  As a teacher, you are not only called upon to impart information but also to develop resilient well adjusted members of the community.  Teachers have a massive impact on the future life and success of their pupils

Tobias Demker <br/>Leadership coach, CHINA

Coaching is part of my job as a consultant, facilitator, and trainer. Coaching not only enhances my skills as a facilitator, trainer, and consultant, but also in all is useful for all aspects of life outside work. Coaching is also an essential skill for all leaders, so it comes naturally to me to work with coaching in leadership development.

Tobias Demker
Leadership coach, CHINA

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