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As a Coach working in an organisation you will work with individuals or teams often to improve performance and help an organisation reach its goals. Although coaching is an unregulated industry, it is expected and most often required that you to have some sort of industry recognised qualification along with experience in a similar domain or industry in which you are coaching.

Working as an Internal Coach

Many large organisation such as Ford have internal coaches.  These are coaches employed directly by the organisation to coach individual staff members or team to increase productivity, wellbeing and to achieve organisational goals.  As an organisational coach you might coach a sales team or work with the HR department to coach individuals in particular areas such as:

  • how to manage a team
  • how to be a more effective communicator
  • how to deal with difficult customers
  • how to manage your time
  • how to deal with stress
  • how to balance life and work commitments
  • how to deal with change and transition.

Manager as Coach

More and  more managers are learning coaching skills to they can manage using a coach approach rather than a directive approach.  As a manager your role is to co-ordinate a team to get things done however as all managers know, you are often called upon to help staff with personal issues, deal with internal politics and manage motivation and performance. Using a coach approach to management will ensure the right people do the right jobs and empower their staff to perform at their best in a safe and happy environment.

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Coaching Teams and Groups

Organisational coaches may be called upon to coach teams and group of people that do not report directly to them.  Many Large Non Government Orgnisations (NGOs) have coaches to develop staff and team leaders on the ground. Large Real Estate agencies have sales coaches to help the sales teams, Telecommunications companies and customer service call centers employ internal coaches to improve communication and soft sales techniques. The skills required for a group or team coach are slightly different to those of a one on one coach in that the coach needs to ensure whole team participation and team coaches will often combine their coaching skills with actual training as well.

Heather Skomp <br/>Life Coach, UNITED STATES

When I got to meet in person two of my ICA student and friends – one from Germany, and one from Vancouver, We met up in Washington state for a weekend and had the best time ever! The friends I have met in ICA are worth their weight in gold.

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Organisational Coach Working With an Agency

As an organisational coach you don't necessarily have to be employed directly by the organisation. There are multi national coaching agencies which assign coaches to work with employees within organisations.  Some agencies offer face to face coaching whilst most offer phone coaching. As an agency coach, the agency will have a contract with the organisation and will find clients for its coaches.  This type of coaching is very popular in Asia particularly with corporate and executive coaches that are starting out.


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