Life as a Coach is Wonderful, Amazing and Challenging

Coaching can be applied to so many areas of life whether it's coaching your own kids, coaching your team at work, blending coaching with your existing profession or making a living solely from being a professional coach. But however you choose to use your coaching skills, life as a coach is transformative.

Meet Some Of Our Amazing Graduates Of 2015 In This Yearbook, July - Dec 2015

Congratulations to our Graduates of 2015. Again we see the amazing diversity of countries, backgrounds and niches. In addition to the Advanced and Certified Programs, this book also includes students who have completed our new Coaching Skills Course which is great to see. Browse through the yearbook to meet our newest bunch of ICA Coaches! Continue Reading…

Graduate Yearbook – Global Programs, January to June 2015

The Diverse, Global Classroom at ICA Comes To Life in This Yearbook Even a quick glance at the Graduate Yearbook will show you what an amazingly diverse community we have at ICA. Our students come together in classes with other coaches from over 90 countries around the world, which results in an amazing blend Continue Reading…

2014 Graduate Yearbook: Coach Certification Program (Chinese) July – December

We run a fully translated Chinese coach training program , accredited by the International Coach Federation. Our Chinese speaking students come from all over the world.

Meet our newest coaching graduates from the 2014 coach training program. (you can use Google translate to see their amazing work, or view in Chrome) Continue Reading…

2014 Graduation Yearbook: Coach Certification Programs (Global) July – December

Check out our amazing Coach Graduates – from over 12 different countries. All students featured in this Yearbook completed an accredited coach training program with ICA and graduated July – December 2014

Every student completed a Research Paper on a topic related to coaching, developed their own unique coaching model and coaching power tool. Continue Reading…

2014 Graduate Yearbook: Learning Leader Program January – July

The Learning Leader program is a train the trainer course for coaches who want to add a new revenue stream to their business, or to run corporate training programs.

In the Learning Leader Yearbook you can see a snapshot of the wonderful programs and courses our ICA Learning Leaders have created. Continue Reading…

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