About Us

Where We Began...

We started with a pilot group of 20 students. Today we have trained over 4000 coaches from 90 countries around the world.

Like most businesses, International Coach Academy started out as an idea. In 2000 I was running an educational consultancy and training firm, we went in to large companies and basically helped them sort out the 'people side' of their business. I would regularly conduct 6 - 8 weeks training programs for 20 + employees. After each program I would conduct an evaluation to see the results. Interestingly enough not much had changed. People very quickly feel into old patterns and ways of doing things.

Internatiional Coach Academy (ICA) was created in the year 2000 with a vision to create a vibrant global community of coaches, and today is one of the worlds leading coach training schools.


Why Coaching?

So I introduced what I called "Authentic Learning" at that time, which was in fact coaching...I assigned each participant a "trainer" to meet with them for an hour a week and support them to achieve whatever goals they had coming in to the training. 3 months later I evaluated again - and found amazing results. This then led to an investigation then ended with coaching. I found, and employed a great personal coach, David Wood, and after 3 sessions I knew that here I had a fantastic method of bringing about deep sustainable change.

Why Coach Training?

At around the same time as my "coach awakening" I was working with universities and other training institutions to them move current f2f courses online. I had just finished my Masters in Education, specializing in Online Learning and was having a great time exploring the amazing potential the web offered training. It seemed a natural progression to share my new found love of coaching with the world via online training. CoachCampus and International Coach Academy were born.