Ep #12: Credentialing and Accreditation

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Get tips from Robyn and Andrea in this episode when they talk about how getting certified with an accredited program and choosing which school to enroll in, is important and crucial these days, to stand out from the competition. Listen to the views of Andrea and Robyn in this enriching episode. Tweetables Do you know Continue Reading…

The Blame Game


Hey everyone! This is Nick Bosk for your Coaching 101 Minute, a recap of our Coaching 101 teleclasses lead this week by Lorna Poole and Scott Masciarelli. If you are listening to this and you haven’t had a chance to come to a Coaching 101 yet, I really encourage you to look at our time Continue Reading…

Power Tool: Complaint vs. Commitment

power-tool_amrita madiah_198x198

A Coaching Power Tool created by Amrita Madiah
(Executive and Life Coach, INDIA)

People complain or use complaints for different reasons and in many ways. Some use complaints in a more mundane manner, as a conversation starter – everyone has a problem with something, Continue Reading…

Power Tool: Warm vs. Strong

power-tool_aurora aritao_198x198

A Coaching Power Tool created by Aurora Aritao
(Executive Leadership Coach, HONG KONG)

According to their research, when we encounter someone new, we quickly seek answers to two questions rooted in the evolutionary need to make correct survival decisions. Continue Reading…

Coaching Model: Distinguish Your Career


A Coaching Model Created by Deborah Pendleton-Maurice
(Executive and Life Coach, UNITED STATES)

The Distinguish Your Career coaching practice serves clients who aspire to excel in their careers. To do so requires the ability to distinguish (as in decide on) one’s calling and therefore career, Continue Reading…

Research Paper: Transforming Lives One Belief at a Time…

research paper_thumbnail_bolor lorinet_198x198

Research Paper By Bolor Choijamts Lorinet
(Life Coach, SINGAPORE)

This thought leadership paper aims to explore the ways a coach can support clients through the process of changing their beliefs, in particular the self-limiting beliefs that hold them back from reaching
Continue Reading…

Chinese Coach Trainer – Jenny Zhang


Meet Jenny Jenny Zhang is a leadership coach who work with executives and teams to discover their strengths\ obstacles and dynamics to their transformational goals,;she has long trusting relationship with her clients and is known for the strengths discovering and inspiring model in her coaching, she is also adept in stress management coaching for individuals. Continue Reading…

Chinese Coach Trainer – Rachel Zhao, PCC


赵瑞 Rachel Zhao An open-minded person with rich social and enterprise management experience. A Licensee and a Coach in Leadership Management International (LMI). As a senior coach with rich working experience, accurate insight and analysis ability, and empathetic communication, from 2004, she have coached thousands of junior or senior leaders from different fields. She won Continue Reading…