Ep #12: Credentialing and Accreditation

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Get tips from Robyn and Andrea in this episode when they talk about how getting certified with an accredited program and choosing which school to enroll in, is important and crucial these days, to stand out from the competition. Listen to the views of Andrea and Robyn in this enriching episode. Tweetables Do you know Continue Reading…

Research Paper: Reflections on the Deep Coaching Intensive with Leon VanderPol

Research paper_thumbnail_georgina adams_198x198

Research Paper By Georgina Adams
(Executive Coach, SINGAPORE)

The DCI was a wonderfully enriching experience that I now incorporate into my coaching practice and share with others so they too can have the experience for themselves Continue Reading…

Power Tool: Comforting vs. Challenging

power-tool_jayant vishnu_198x198

A Coaching Power Tool created by Jayant Vishnu
(Executive Coaching, Transformational Coaching, INDIA)

The idea is to keep rediscovering ones boundaries and the rate of growth of our comfort zone is directly proportionate to the frequency at which we keep visiting this boundary. Continue Reading…

Research Paper: I Want to Change My Job

Research paper_thumbnail_jayant vishnu_198x198

Research Paper By Jayant Vishnu
(Executive Coaching, Transformational Coaching, INDIA)

I learnt the power of active listening and impact of powerful questions. There is a lot of merit in letting the client reflect and ponder on what he/she can do in the given circumstances to achieve his/her Goals. Continue Reading…

Coaching Model: 6R


A Coaching Model Created by Ashu Khanna
(Transformational Coaching, INDIA)

Through coaching, a client can empower themselves to grow effortlessly, take risks and accept change with confidence. It is our attachment to our conditioning, beliefs, interpretations that obstructs our growth. Continue Reading…

Coaching Model: Warrior


A Coaching Model Created by Jennifer Querques
(Transformational Coaching, UNITED STATES)

The WARRIOR in this coaching model needs to be Willing and Able to do the Research in order to Realign with their true Inner source/self, while letting go of their Old paradigm in order to Continue Reading…